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Tour 2 - Marsh package (hard)

Marsh package
Marsh package

Along the ‚Kälberbach‘-stream rises the trail to the ‚Herzogenbank‘. It passes the Poppel-lake and leads, at the edge of the Murg valley, through the hill moor Kaltenbronn. You get an increadible view from the Hohloh-tower! Back down to the valley of the river Enz, again with a great view over Enzklösterle.
Starting and finishing point: Tourist Information Office

Description of the trail

  • Starting point is at the Tourist Information Office
  • leave car park behind and go to the street
  • turn right, slightly uphill
  • after a 100 m turn right into ‚Kirchweg‘
  • follow ‚Kirchweg‘ till you get to the cross-road
  • turn left uphill and after 100 m turn right
  • pass the coutnry Inn ‚Berghof‘ downhill
  • turn right into the street and immediately left over the Enz bridge
  • turn left at the cross-road into the Enztal bike path till you get to ‚Kälbermühle‘
  • turn right , follow the stream uphill til you get to the spring ‚Kälberbachquelle‘
  • carry on to ‚Herzogsbank‘
  • carry straight on, direction ‚Hummelbergebene‘
  • at the cross-road turn right into the street leading downhill
  • after 300 m leave street and turn left
  • at the ‚Hummelberghütte‘ turn left direction Gompelscheuer, Poppeltal
  • at ‚Geiselhart‘ carry straight on
  • at the mouth of the street turn left uphill and pass Poppel-lake
  • shortly after, turn right a pointy corner
  • turn left at ‚Kohlplatte‘ and carry on to the mountain shelter ‚Neuhaus‘
  • turn left into ‚Alte Weinstraße‘ (Old wine street)
  • follow ‚Alte Weinstraße‘ and pass the log house, you’ll get to the site ‚Toter Mann‘ (Dead man)
  • turn left downhill
  • turn right twice to the ‚Prinzenhütte‘