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Bicylce friendly accommodation

Each guest has different needs – and of course cyclists look for accommodation that meets their special needs. We have certificated bicycle friendly accommodations in Enzklösterle. The following houses fulfil the criteria to hold the certificate ‘Bicycle friendly accommodation at the Black Forest’.

Cycling in Enzklösterle

In Enzklösterle everyone gets one’s money‘s worth: no matter if you are a familiy of cyclist, mountain biker or racing fan. Enzklösterle is the perfect location to discover the Nothern Black Forest by bike.

Enztal bike trail

Forest, water and wine – these terms characterise the Enztal-Bike trail. From the spring of the river Enz in the Northern Black Forest to the mouth at the river Neckar valley leads the way through different landscapes. Find out more about it.

Bicycle rental and repair

You will find numerous bike shops around Enzklösterle in case your bike has a breakdown or if you want to hire one. Hired bikes can also be delivered to Enzklösterle. For further information please ask at the Tourist Information Office.