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The river Enz has its source at the district Gompelscheuer. With the clear water it has formed the beautiful countryside of the Enz-valley. The Enztal-bike-track starts also at Gompelscheuer.

The spring of the Enz at Gompelscheuer

The spring of the Enz at Gompelscheuer

Origin of the name

The original name Gompelscheuer goes back to wooden huts which were built above a spring or ‘Gumpen’. Gumpen are little lakes. One used to collect the clear spring water in these huts and channelled it through pipes to the villages.


  • Tourist attractions: spring of the Enz, starting point of the Enztal-bike track
  • Bus stop: Gompelscheuer – bus no. 7780 Bad Wildbad / Freudenstadt
  • Parking area: ‚Waldparkplatz‘ at the stream Kaltenbach (Kaltenbachweg)
  • Navigation: 75337 Enzklösterle (Gompelscheuer), Freudenstädter Staße