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Jockels‘ raftmen-trail

Take a look around Enzklösterle’s most stunning countryside by foot, bike or E-bike. During the 17th century timber rafting became popular and important to the people of the Enz-valley. It was the start of the settlement in the area. Numerous stories and adventures from this period were passed down to our present days.

Hiking in Enzklösterle

Hiking in Enzklösterle

Following the trails you can discover historical sites that give you an idea how hard it must have been to move all the timber down the river. It is understandable that raftsmen tried to use nature as support for their work. Jockeles raftsmen-trail leads you along the most beautiful spot in Enzklösterle. At the start there is a learning model of a raft. 23 km through magnificent nature become a unique experience. You can start or end your hike at any point.

Many restaurants, near the historical trail, offer special meals made over charcoal to carry you back to the past.