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Blueberry cuisine

Experience the blue gold of the forest through numerous delicacies!

Blueberry cuisine © Ulrike Schacht

Blueberry cuisine © Ulrike Schacht

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Blueberry pancakes

Can you imagine a blueberry festival without the freshly baked blueberry pancakes? You will find them on the menus of various restaurants in Enzklösterle - not only in the summer but all year round.

Black Forest Blueberry Gateau

The famous Black Forest Cherry Cake is well-known throughout the world. In the Café Klösterle you are offered the possibility to learn how the real Black Forest Blueberry Cake comes out perfectly. After tasting this sweet delight it is up to you to decide which one is your favorite.

”Wild Heidi”

Have you ever heard of the “Wild Heidi”? This cocktail of blueberry liqueur, sparkling wine and blueberries as well as its non-alcoholic sister, the "Soft Heidi" hase been created in Enzklösterle.

A wide variety of blueberry products are being offered at the blueberry house, the Heidelbeerhaus, and at other sales points in Enzklösterle. There you will find everything your blueberry heart desires, for example mustard, vinegar, jam (the Swabian “Gsälz"), bread spreads, chocolate, tea, drinks, gifts and table linen.