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Blueberry Village

The idyllic blueberry village of Enzklösterle is located between Pforzheim and Freudenstadt in the Northern Black Forest. The fir forests around Enzklösterle offer an ideal breeding ground for the blueberries that grow abundantly in this area. They formerly secured the living of whole families.

Blueberry Village of Enzklösterle

Blueberry Village of Enzklösterle

For centuries, blueberries have been picked in the summer and were brought to the villages. The children were even granted a 3 to 4 weeks blueberry holiday, in order to be able to get together for picking blueberries early in the morning.

In Enzklösterle, focus is put on this precious fruit accompanied by numerous events. Guided hikes follow the tracks of the blue forest fruit. During our culinary seminar with cooking classes you will get to know new recipes and you will experience unique local flavors.

Let yourself be enchanted by the interesting stories you will be told about the blueberries of Enzklösterle.

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