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Culture & heritage

Rafters on the Enz

Get introduced to char… from a lumberjack village to a holiday resort

In Enzklösterle the old forest bound professions have a long tradition. Wood had always been an important raw material and income for the population of the Black Forest. The cultural heritage can be experienced as guests at special events or regarded as relicts from former days.

Cultural monument Rußhütte

A stony witness of a lost wood trade and a monument of German history in chemistry – these are only a few words to describe the Rußhütte Enzklösterle. This beautiful old building was built in 1829, rediscovered in 1982 and finally completely restored between 1992 and 1994.


Krippena 2000 exhibition room

Krippena 2000 – woodwork

Krippena 2000 offers a great exhibition of crib figurines made of wood. You can visit the carving hut of Theo Gütermann with is a fantastic display of hand-carved crib-objects and the biggest handmade Christmas crib of the world!