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Adventure Trail Kaltenbronn – Kids only

We hope you want to walk a little while without your parents (and hopefully they let you…). If so, this is the right place. Along the trail children go hunting for the bad goblins and have to solve little riddles and puzzels at different stations to free the good beech wood goblins. Little white goblins show you the way.


Even before the first station of the main path, a smaller path leads off to the left. It is not to oversee as there is a sign indicating the path. This path is only for children. After a while it leads back to the main path before turning right again onto the goblin track. Don’t walk too briskly as there are little puzzles you have to solve. Of course only if you want to.

Startingpoint: parking area „F“ Kaltenbronn


By bus: bus no. 7780 from Enzklösterle, bus stop Kaltenbronn.

By car: from Enzklösterle direction Bad Wildbad. After about 3 km (2 miles) turn left direction Kaltenbronn/ Baden-Baden. There is a parking system at Kaltenbronn. Use parking area „F“. Navigation: Kaltenbronn (Gernsbach, Kaltenbronner Straße)

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