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Nature wildlife trail Kaltenbronn

While you follow a special trail you will find the characteristics of the countryside illustrated at selected stations. Pay attention to the capercaillie cock symbols that you will find along the trail. You won’t miss it. There are futher stations planned for the future. This is a reason worth coming back again.

Nature wildlife trail

Nature wildlife trail

Startingpoint: parking area „F“ Kaltenbronn, length ca. 5 km (3.5 miles)

As the nature-wildlife-trail Kaltenbronn is not a circular trail, you have the choice to carry on walking in the direction of ‚Grünhütte‘ or return through the ‚Wildseemoor‘.


By bus: bus no. 7780 from Enzklösterle, bus stop Kaltenbronn. 

By car: from Enzklösterle direction Bad Wildbad. After about 3 km (2 miles) turn left direction Kaltenbronn/ Baden-Baden. There is a parking system at Kaltenbronn. Use parking area „F“. Navigation: Kaltenbronn (Gernsbach, Kaltenbronner Straße)

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