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Walking on a tightrope up in the air: concentration and excitement, balance and skill, fun and joy. Experience the fascination of the climbing crag in dizzy heights with rope-bridges of different levels of difficulty, which are 4-12 m above the ground, giant swings, zip lines and many other platforms. Accept the personal challenge and expand your limit. Everyone decides where his/her limits are. Lern to deal with heights, increase your self-contious and grant yourself a sense of achievement. The proven and recognized self-saveguarding in connection with the 4-eye-control offers you highest safty.

Accompany us to a virtual tour of the climbing crag...

We hold the world record!!



Opening times April until October:

  •  Saturday, Sunday and bankholiday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (no booking required)
  • During Easter, Whitsun, Summer and Autuum Holidays in Baden-Württemberg: additionally Monday – Friday 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM (no booking required)
  • Last belt hand out at 4:30 PM
  • At bad weather conditions (thunder, storm, rain) our climbing crag will be closed (further Information +49 152 088 75 260)
  • Individual appointments/ program for groups all year, on request.


  • Adults: 21,-€ (no time limit)
  • Pupils over 13 years/ Students (only with valid school or student ID): 16,-€
  • Pupils/ children 7 - 12 years: 12,-€ (children under 13 years only in company with an adult)
  • Optional: Climbing crag guide: 60,-€ / guide/hour (booking in advance required)
  • ‚Birthday Kids‘ get free entry when bringing 5 other participants (only valid on the birthday, please bring ID with you)

Supervision for children under 13 years (minimum height 120 cm):

  • Children 7 - 9 years: 1 adult for 2 children
  • Children 10 - 12 years: 1 adult for 3 children
there are free parking facilities next to the climbing crag.



You don’t need special physical fitness or endurance.
You only need sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothes.
Here we offer you different courses where you can experience the variety of the climbing crag:
  • Green: easy course - minimum body height 130 cm
  • Blue: easy course with few challenges - minimum body height 130 cm
  • Blue: course where skills are required - minimum body height 140 cm
  • Red: wobbly course - minimum body height 140 cm
  • Red: hard course where endurance is necessary - minimum body height 140 cm
  • Black: challenging course for sporty climber with ability and balance - minimum body height 150 cm

You also find at the climbing crag Enzklösterle…

... the „Flying Fox“ - a mega ropeway (included in the entryfee), 12 years and older, minimum bodyheight 140 cm, maximum weight 100 kg.

... one of the hightest Freefall-Jumps in Germany: free fall from a 16 m high plateau. The thrill for everyone who think normal challenges are insufficient.
... the first didactic path in Germany: here, between the tree tops, you will learn a lot about the Black Forest and its flora and fauna.
An ideal combination for families is to visit the Climbing crag and the Adventure Golfpark!


Erlebnis&Kletterwald Enzklösterle
Hirschtalstr. 50
75337 Enzklösterle

Phone: +49 152 088 75 260



Further Information:

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