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World record 2 May 2010

One hour, 50 m flying fox, 122 people: the world record in rope sliding was established on Sunday 2nd of May 2010 at the climbing crag in Enzklösterle and awaits now to be topped. About 400 visitors arrived at Hirschtal to take part or just watch the spectacle. The employees had a lot of work to do to fasten the people with special belts, provide them with helmets for their protection, to instruct and safeguard them.

At lofty heights

At lofty heights

At the finish line was a camera that documented everything for Guinness. Every now and then Jochen Steinert (Manager of the climbing crag) announced an intermediate result and after 20 minutes 50 people had already slid down the rope. „122 people is a very good result, that‘s something one has to top“ Steinert stated after the final whistle.

A second run was held in the afternoon but the result of the first run wasn’t touched. Only 99 people slid down in the second run. It was a great day and the visitors had the chance to use the climbing crag and the 8 m Freefall-Jump for a special discout. Many courageous people dared the jump from the 16 m high plateau, which also gave the viewer the thrills.
At the end of the event another record was revealed. TV cook Roy Kieferle from Dobel improved his own record. He turned 42 stacked pancakes in one masterful swing in his little pan. Many spectators supported him by cheerful shouts even though it was raining. They got rewarded too - with a free pancake with strawberry or peach jam.
The attendance fee for the flying fox was 1€ per person. 50% went to the organisation ‚Aid for endangered‘ Enzklösterle and 50% went to the ‚festival of good deeds‘. Altogether the amount of 250€ was forwarded to Gabi Isenburg of the organisation ‚Aid for endangered‘ and Barbara Imo of ‚festival of good deeds‘.
The local branch of the German Red Cross around Dieter Kunz was present throughout the day with an information booth, at which people could let their blood pressure and blood sugar levels be measured and be informed about the work and offers of the DRK. Again a donation box for the ‚festival of good deeds‘ helped to collect 30€.