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Climbing crag

Follow new ways – experience adventures naturally

Walking on a tightrope up in the air: concentration and excitement, balance and skill, fun and joy. Experience the fascination of the climbing crag in dizzy heights with rope-bridges of different levels of difficulty, which are 4-12 m above the ground, giant swings, zip lines and many other platforms. Accept the personal challenge and expand your limit. Everyone decides where his/her limits are. Lern to deal with heights, increase your self-contious and grant yourself a sense of achievement. The proven and recognized self-saveguarding in connection with the 4-eye-control offers you highest safty.


At lofty heights

World record 2 May 2010

One hour, 50 m flying fox, 122 people: the world record in rope sliding was established on Sunday 2nd of May 2010 at the climbing crag in Enzklösterle and awaits now to be topped. About 400 visitors arrived at Hirschtal to take part or just watch the spectacle. The employees had a lot of work to do to fasten the people with special belts, provide them with helmets for their protection, to instruct and safeguard them.


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